Sunday, August 5, 2007

Review Materials/Submissions

Send me an e-mail at to get an address to send records for review. Please only send stuff on its original format, and DO NOT send me hate mail if I give you a bad review. If you put out music and expect someone to review it, you have to be willing to accept it when someone doesn't like it. If you read the blog, you know what I like and what my review style is, so keep that in mind.

THERE WILL BE NO MORE PODCASTS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. A ton of things have come up in my personal life and I do not have the set up or the time to put the podcast together anymore. I WILL start it back up, but I have no idea how long it will be until that happens. I will still be doing reviews.

If there is a record posted here and you are in a band/label and want it taken down, e-mail me and I will take care of it. I'm careful now to only post things that are out of print and I still do my best to link to the band and/or label in the post so that people who get the record can then go check out what releases are still available that they can buy. It is very important to me that people support DIY hardcore and I would not do anything that I feel would be detrimental to bands or labels that I care about. This blog is here for the purpose of exposing music, not exploiting it. If you e-mail me and try to be a huge dick about it, If you e-mail me and try to be a huge dick about it, I don't really feel much of an obligation to you. If you feel like opening a dialogue, then fine, we'll talk. We got into all this stuff because we're supposed to be better than corporate assholes, right?