Monday, August 13, 2007

Aesop Rock-”The Next Best Thing” 7” (Upper Playground)

Let’s get one thing straight. If you’re buying this record, you’re NOT buying it because it’s an Aesop Rock 7” (who has been in a downward spiral ever since the phenomenal “Float” LP), you’re buying it because the artwork was all done by Jeremy Fish. Some of you might remember Jeremy Fish from his work at Think Skateboards a few years ago. He’s got a really unique, politically aware, yet cartoony and accessible style. This record is a collaberation between Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish that takes the form of a children’s book/phonograph picture disc combo like you can still find in thrift stores from the 60s. The main idea is that it follows a story about the creative process from the minds of these two semi-schizophrenic geniuses.

The liner notes are the actual book that Jeremy Fish illustrated, and the A side of the record is the audio track that follows it. The song isn’t so hot on it’s own, but it’s no supposed to be, it’s supposed to follow the story, which it does. The B side of the record is a newer Aesop Rock track that was only released as part of a video fro Element Skateboards, and is surprisingly good.

This thing, as far as I know, is not being distroed in record shops or through the usual channels, and you can only get it from art dealers.


Anonymous said...

Actually I AM buying this because of Aesop. Downward spiral? You are sadly misinformed. Might be time for a reality check my friend.

Ian EBH said...

Aesop Rock's personal style has only had subtle changes, but all of his records since Float have been completely uninteresting to me. A lot of it has to do with the production values (I liked how Float was all live instruments and didn't like his electronic shift), but I haven't noticed the same continuity on any of his more recent records, which was what I found most interesting about his early material.

Might be time for a reality check.

Anonymous said...

Reality Check!! AHHH

Ace's been doing alot since float.
Virgin had a huge ass poster out front during his latest release and a couple years back Nike commissioned him to do a 45 min long track for runners. Oh an the new album is sick.
Like him or not it's hardly a downwards spiral.

And even the roots used samples instead of live tracks on their latest.


Anonymous said...

Downward spiral? What? Float was classic, but using it as the bar for his later work, which many people do, is just a pseudo intellectual statement to seem credible. Even in Dallas Tx. where indy rap fans are scarce to begin with and finicky, his shows are packed. He will never outgrow the "encyclopedia mc" tag, but he does outshine his contemporaries musically and intellectually. He's just over your head.

Nathan said...


Live instruments? Are you kidding? That was blockhead on an ASR-10, a sampling keyboard. None of that was people playing live.

and for anyone who likes to hate on Aesop after Float:

you guys are just Hipster Doofus, when the messiah comes you swear you knew this
lookin like tweedle dum and tweedle stupid
first in line to be the new scene Judas
Obviously aint been hearin confuscious
cuz the first seen, most loved fits right into this

Dead Rock n Roller said...


Those lyrics are retarded.

Nathan said...

Thanks Dead,

Your support means worlds to me. BFF4E!!!

Zachary said...

"float" was all samples dog... blockhead always uses samples... so if you want "all live instruments", you should do your homework and peep "bazooka tooth", "fast cars", and "none shall pass" and the "nike all day" track...