Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bad Religion-Into the Unknown Download

The story on this one involves a lot of the drugs Bad Religion were taking in the early 80s, and a need to progress outside of their melodic hardcore style. They came up with Into the Unknown, a prog-rock-esque new wave record that was a complete flop. Years later, I think a lot of people that downed it (the shallow So-Cal youth-crew types) grew into liking it, but the band is still so dissapointed with it they refuse to reissue it, and it continues to be the only Bad Religion record never officially repressed. There was a bootleg pressing about 10 years ago, and originals go for well over a hundred nowadays. Here it is, yours, for free!

I stole this download from Suburban Terror, who posted a complete Bad Religion discography that you can download from their blog. When you unpack the MP3s, you'll get a message about password protection; the password for all the files is "". Enjoy!

Download Bad Religion-Into the Unknown


br0q said...

this is a total sleeper, growing pains kinda record that helped them find their sound. love it..

Stacy said...
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Stacy said...

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