Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Cramps-"Ohio Demos" Download

This is a new feature to the blog and I'm still working the kinks out. Bear with me if it doesn't work right away. Also, it should be noted that the files are under an hourly bandwidth limit.

In 1979, the Cramps recorded a series of demos that were never officially released, but bootlegged later on as a 7" box set. There are some discrepancies as to the tracklisting (the order is obviously irrelevent, but there are certain tracks that are rumored to have been added on later by a compiler, and others some say are missing). Either way, it's a good listen.

Download The Cramps="Ohio Demos" here

You'll be brought to a new page that's protected by CAPTCHA, so at the bottom, you'll be prompted to type in a code given in a graphic. Hit "submit" and you're there.


Anonymous said...

hi any chance to re-upload the cramps ohio demos? thanks

Ian EBH said...

Sometime soon I'll be re-updating all the download links vi mediafire. Bigfilehost deletes files after a certain amount of time. Thanks for the support!

Adrian said...

link's dead dude