Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ex-Members of the Holy Trinity-"Demo" Download

Ex-Members of the Holy Trinity are a newer hardcore band from Birmingham. They remind me a lot of From Ashes Rise, and some elements of Fucked Up. I hate using the Fucked Up comparison, because I think Fucked Up are one of the most over-rated punk/hardcore bands out right now. Maybe since there isn't the huge hype-show behind Ex-Members of... I can just appreciate it for what it is.

The guitar player in this band plays drums in Now I Have a Machine Gun, and has played in several other Birmingham hardcore bands over the years, a few of which might spark some recognition with you if I felt like listing them. The singer in this band surprised me a lot. You see, he used to sing in this band called Burned Over Time, who were a really horrible Throwdown style mosh band. The guitarist now plays in Die Young, the drummer is a cop and I don't think plays in any bands right now (correct me if I'm wrong). The three of them somehow convinced a whole slew of bassists to fill in for them, one of which went on to sing in Your Loss, who also featured the guitarist if BOT/Die Young, and the OTHER guitarist in that band now plays in the world famous Hollywood, and a lot of these same guys are now involved with that band Legion. TWO of the people who played bass in Burned Over Time also played in Korova, one of which has a blog with a lot of links.

I don't really know why all that was relevant except to show how incestuous the hardcore scene can get, and to embarrass Alan and myself about a band we were in. Anyway, the vocals on this demo don't sound anything like the vocals on Burned Over Time, which is definitely a good thing.

For fucks sake, just download it already. It's a zipped file, and, once again, you'll have to type in a code given in an image on the download page. If you like it, e-mail and tell him you want a copy if they still have any. They come in really nice screen printed sleeves and everything (see photo above).


br0q said...

this record is great. im a little lost when it comes to the later bham HC stuff..

Anonymous said...

At first when you mentioned the drummer turned cop I didn't notice the change of subject and thought you were talking about Walker.