Wednesday, August 15, 2007

FEAR on SNL 1981

The internet has given us access to lots of great music and videos that would have otherwise been completely lost. If you don't know the story on this one, Saturday Night Live asked to have John Belushi back on for a cameo one night. He agreed with one stipulation; that the producers allow his favorite band, FEAR, to be the musical guest one the same show. Those same producers made a few phone calls to people like Ian MacKaye and Harley Flanagen to "get their skinhead friends out to see them", and the end result on Holloween Night was thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage and broken equipment and the only episode of Saturday Night Live NBC still refuses to replay. Thankfully, some people already owned VCRs.

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JDS said...

This footage is priceless, if you look closely at the end there's a kid coming up from the left side of the stage with a big pumpkin, that pumpkin gets thrown on the floor and explodes all over the place. The kid is Billy Mackenzie, a DC punk who to this day is a staple at local bars and concert venues, and he's still pretty out there.