Monday, August 13, 2007

Geriatric Unit-”Nuclear Accidents EP” 12” (Violent Change, Plastic Bomb)

Sure, this band is really tight, and they’re really fast. That’s what you expect when you get UK hardcore vets from bands like HERESY putting out new records, and members of DOOM engineering the thing. The problem? It’s just not that interesting. I figured guys who had been playing fast hardcore for so long would have come up with some really cool ideas to throw in by now, but this just sounds like a really polished version of what most 17 year old kids in fastcore bands are doing these days. It’s a good listen, and it’s pleasant to have on in the background, but it’s really nothing to get excited about. The only song that really caught my attention was “Can’t Sleep”, which also happens to be the last song on the record (to be noted: the songs did get noticeably better as the record went along, maybe the track listing reflected the order in which they were written?). Maybe that’s a sign of better things to come, but for now, I'm not into this.

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