Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gun Crazy/Teen Cool split 7” (Cutthroat)

This record is such a great surprise; one of those rare times when you get something on a label you’ve never heard of with bands you’ve never heard of that just fucking rules all the way through and makes you feel like you’ve stumbled onto something great. Both these bands play really lo-fi punk n roll style stuff. If I didn’t know any better and somebody told me both these bands were from the Killed By Death era, I wouldn’t question it for a second. They both set themselves apart from the standard fair by making the songs melodic and catchy rather than reverting to snotty atonal whines, which is overdone and gets old fast. I liked the Gun Crazy side a lot and for some reason was expecting to get let down on the Teen Cool side (I guess I figured it couldn’t get much better). Thankfully Teen Cool, while a little less rough around the edges than Gun Crazy, are much more anthemic in their songwriting and suck you right in. This records definitely a surprisingly good piece of wax.

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