Thursday, August 23, 2007

Imperial Leather-”Antibodies” 7” (Profane Existence)

Imperial Leather are a great street punk band from Stockholm, Sweden. They put out an LP on Profane Existence called “Something Out of Nothing” that completely blew me away, and this 7” is no different. They remind me a lot of Banner of Hope, except Banner of Hope only had like two good songs. Imperial Leather seem to be writing one great song after another, and put effort into making shit come out right and coming up with interesting song structures and ideas while somehow maintaining a pretty straightforward streetpunk sound. I have a lot of gripes with whole street punk scene and these guys somehow defy just about all of them. This shit rules.

The lyrics on this record, as on the LP, are pretty standard. There aren’t any points that I have to stop and say “Wow, that is so cheesy and stupid!”, but it‘s mostly nothing new, except in a few brief instances when they throw in something really cool that immediately catches your attention. The song “We Will Never Die” sticks out as a pretty standard example of the defiant punk rock pride song, but stumbles into the best line of the record; “We do not dream, we just meet our own demands,” which is such a perfect embodiment of DIY and punk rock I can’t help but have to point it out. This is one of my favorite 7”s right now.

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