Monday, August 6, 2007

Kursk/Defeatist-”Sanctimonious Mechanisms of Filth” 7” (Level Plane, Enucleation)

Split 7”s are a hard thing to pull off nowadays as it’s pretty rare to find two bands that are in the same style that you can actually tell apart and are pretty even musically. Usually you walk away from things like this saying “Man, I wish they’d just put out a record for Band A and left Band B off altogether.”. This record does really well in this respect. Kursk and Defeatist both play fast, intense grind style hardcore, but don’t really sound alike. Defeatist are a lot heavier with a more straightforward sound than Kursk, but mix it up enough to be surprising, which is hard in grind. Kursk are more into off beat, riff based speedcore as opposed to just tuned down power chords. Kind of like Slayer covering Koro. Definitely recommended. My only complaint is that it’s too short.

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