Friday, August 17, 2007


Anonymous said...

The guy's name is Sal something or other, and he's in the band Electric Frankenstine. And everything he says is completely true, wether you like to believe it or not. Seling ad space inside your booklets IS a good way to fund touring and recordings. Not like he said to do it for sports cars.


Ian EBH said...

Like I said, his series of articles were great up until that point. I honestly didn't find anything else I disagreed with. But I just feel like there's a line that needs to be drawn somewhere in the whole advertising game. Selling ad space on flyers to fund shows or touring seems harmless, and I've even known bands that had "endorsed by:" underwritings in their liner notes, but selling ad space on a CD booklet seems to have inherent issues. When you buy a CD or record as opposed to downloading it, you expect the artwork and packaging to add to the experience, and instead of lyrics or liner notes, you get an advertisement for a t shirt company? That's weak.