Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Negative Approach, Man...Or Astroman?

This is rarity. A really well done video of a hardcore band from the early 80s with decent sound to boot! I could do without the fadeouts between songs, but I shouldn't complain, this is great. What a classic fucking band.

This is clip of their first reunion gig, at the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Fest last year in Chicago. I was there and was totally blown away at how powerful they still are. They were so no bullshit, which I loved. I didn't find any videos that gave it justice, I think Touch and Go has some stuff they taped that night they're still holding onto.

Here's a clip from the Man...Or Astroman? set the same night as the Negative Approach reunion. These guys were the best band that played all day (the Big Black set left much to be desired). Amazing band.

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