Friday, August 24, 2007

Ramones, Eminem (Scribble Jam Battle)

Don't know how much anyone that reads this is into hip-hop, but this is worth checking out if you are. 10 years ago, at the world famous Scribble Jam competition, a little known rapper who called himself Eminem made it to the finals and had to go up against MC JUice, who, at the time, was a pretty big player in the underground hip-hop scene. Eminem loses.

This battle isn't really worth all the hype. I still hear people refer to this (as they do in the intro to this video) as the "greatest battle of all time". Totally untrue. It's more of just an interesting look at what was really the first appearance on a national scale of someone who went on to be famous. It's a little bit of a chore of a watch (at over 15 minutes long), but you can skip most of the intro and hype. The shot of Eminem crying over his loss in the intro is worth the whole thing, though!

And while we're on the subject of old ones, here's an ancient video of the Ramones. It's dated 1977 and is supposedly at CBGBs, but I don't think that's the case. I've never been to the place, but I've seen other videos from there, and this place looks way too big (I remember seeing a video of H20 at CBGBs playing a packed show and it looking tiny!). I don't like that they overdubbed the sound, but whatever.

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br0q said...

unless im mistaken, this show was released as a target video. i remember killer renditions of "loudmouth" and "commando"