Monday, August 27, 2007

Razzapparte-"Il Drago E Il Leone" (Anfibio)

With all the great releases coming from Italy recently I'm thinking of moving there. Razzapparte aren't like most of the thrashy Italian bands I'm hearing of getting a lot of press in the States right now. They're more along the lines of older, more melodic, UK style Oi (think the 4Skins).

This record's got all the elements. Great, thick guitars playing good melodies on top of the rhythm, and interesting songs in different styles. Ska parts in Oi/streetpunk have gotten kind of old, but these guys mix it up by throwing in more of an Upsetters dub style between the more straight ahead Oi stuff. It's great. I just wish I could understand the words.

Anfibio Records put this one out. I don't know how many of these are being distroed in the States, but if you're into GMM Records/I Scream bands or bands that should be GMM/I Scream (Discipline, Deadline, Anti Heros, APA, etcetc), it is definately worth your time to seek this one out.

Razzapparte on MySpace
Anfibio Records


bruno battaglia said...

really nice blog !!!!! greetings from chile, southamerica

Ian EBH said...

Thank you, sir!

Anonymous said...

Hi! RazzaParte is uncorrect, actual name is RazzaPPArte! :) Please correct.

Italian skinhead

Ian EBH said...

God I'm dumb. I had the CD case sitting right in front of me and still managed to spell the name wrong 3 times! Thanks for the correction. Could you fill us in on what Razzapparte means?

Anonymous said...

Hehe lots of people tend to spell it wrong, even here in Italy so don't worry! :P
"Razzapparte" stands for "razza a parte" > "a breed apart" and is a reference to early oi! bands.
Italian skinhead