Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Skate Korpse-”Discography” 12” (Feral Kid, Punks Before Profits)

Skate Korpse was one of my favorite bands to come out this decade, and it’s a shame they were so short lived. Surf style punk bands are too rare nowadays, and most of the time they really aren’t that impressive. Skate Korpse managed to sound more like a hardcore version of Dick Dale than an East Coast version of Agent Orange, and that alone is enough to separate them from the pack.

The whole first side of this record is previously released material. The Punks Before Profits 7”, the Art of the Underground Single Series 7”, and the rare DSK Records ”Down” 7” are all on here. After seeing the PBP 7” go on eBay for over $30 and the “Down” 7” for $75(!) when neither were even a year old, I thought it was a pretty good idea that someone put them all out together for an affordable price. The B side material is demo stuff and is honestly pretty iffy, but it has it’s moments. I’d call this a must-have if you missed these guys the first time around or if you’ve got their records on your want list.

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