Thursday, September 27, 2007

Authorities-Puppy Love Download

EDIT: For some reason when this was packed, it only took some of the songs and I didn't think to double check it. I have reposted the download with the full album. Sorry!

The first time I heard the Authorities was on Killed By Death Volume 1. I was completely blown away by both of their tracks on the record("Radiation Masturbation" and "I Hate Cops"), and immediately started for their record, Soundtrack for Trouble. After seeing the prices on eBay, I decided to search for a more economic solution.

Puppy Love was released in 1993 on Get Hip. There's was supposedly a vinyl pressing, but I've never seen one. The CD collects the aforementioned Soundtrack for Trouble 7" (which included both of the songs on Killed By Death, and an earlier demo. Some of the songs from the demo completely smoke the KBD selections. My personal favorite is "Your Life", which is like Trainspotting set to music circa 1983. Enjoy.

Download Puppy Love

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