Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mephiskapheles and Defiance, Ohio

I was going to add this track to this weeks Digital Mixtape, but found this video instead. The song "Eskamo" (which what they're playing in the video) is probably my favorite song by Mephiskapheles. The organ intro, which isn't as thick on the video as the record, is classic. I expected shows by these guys to be way crazier than this, but it's a pretty low-key song, so maybe the faster songs are a lot more wild.

Defiance, Ohio are one of my favorite live bands. Their set at Plan-It-X Fest at Cave9 (it was a traveling fest, I only saw the one date) a couple of years ago is one of my top 5 favorite live sets I've ever seen. I remember the first I said after they played was "Wow! That was like what Against Me! always tried to sound like!" The quality on this video isn't so hot, but it's listenable. It's from a small house show somewhere, which is always the best venue for bands like this.

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