Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Press Discography to be released next month

The Press, a SHARP band from NYC in the 80s and early 90s will have their discography available for the first time on Halloween 2007. Their biggest contribution to the national scene was their appearance on Oi! Record's "Punks n Skins Volume 5" LP with the Radicts. I like the Press, but there's a little something the press release (no pun intended) I need to dispute:

"The Press were the first American Oi! band and this is the first time their collected works, including remastered rarities and unreleased material*, have been issued in one slick lookin’ digipack release together with band photos and a pullout lyric-sheet!"

Calling them the "first American Oi! band" is an insult and an outright lie. First off, how many reissues have you seen in the past few years touting a band as "the first American Oi/skinhead band? I've seen way too many. While it might be the subject of debate, any idiot who owns anything by GMM Records can tell you that the Effigies and Iron Cross predate 1984.

I was going to write something derogatory about communists and Canadians here, but I decided against it. At least the record's coming out. I should learn to complain less.

Insurgance Records


FredCore said...

Sounds awesome, and there's no way that they were the first US Oi! band. I haven't heard The Press, but I'll have to check this out.

robert said...

HaHa! That's funny and I agree that The Press was not the first US OI! band. And I even played drums and sang backing vocals on 12 of the 15 songs on the "Best Of" album. I was the original drummer in that band and spent 3 years helping the singer write and arrange all of those songs. I paid out lots of money to rehearse and record with that band, even the Oi! records LP. I haven't seem the re-release but I understand they're even using photos of me in the packaging. I haven't seem dime one from a record that has sort of turned into an underground classic.
That's some scary shit for musicians.

Dead Rock n Roller said...

Robert: I tried to get in touch with the singer of the band (who seems to be on the whole "skinhead retirement plan" and is doing the whole rockabilly thing now...of course) about this before I posted anything and he got all excited about doing an interview and then never responded when I asked about the Press being called the first US Oi! band.

I like the music and it sucks you've been left out of the loop on all this. Drop me a line if you're playing in any other bands now or anything.

jpontell said...

I played rhythm guitar and sang backing vocals in The Press, along with Robert, for many years. I play/sing on 14 of the tracks on this Best Of CD. I remained in the band after Rob and Jim's departure, and moved to bass. I agree, we were definitely not the first US Oi! band.

Like Robert, I too sank a lot of money and time and effort into keeping The Press going. I laid-out and lost money on merchandise too. The most any of us ever saw in return were a few copies of the Skins-n-Punks album, back in 1990. We were also on 2 ska compilations, a CD reissue of the Skins-n-Punks LP, a bootleg video or two, and a German bootleg double 7" of the Skins-n-Punks tracks. Now here's the "Best Of."

Someone is collecting money from this stuff, just not the guys who played the music. I even wrote some parts of songs that were used. I have some recordings that have not been released, as well as video footage and photos. If I can track down Rob, Jim and John, maybe we'll release this stuff.

Robert: Get in touch with me, you can find me. Have you contacted the label?