Monday, September 3, 2007

Rage Against the Machine refuses to write another record

I've been listening to Rage Against the Machine's People of the Sun EP a lot lately as Revelation recently repressed it. I found it odd considering I didn't really know that the record was really all that hard to come by, but I'm sure it's got everything in the world to do with the bands recent reunion. I was mildly surprised by it, as I had heard that the break-up came on bad blood and they swore they'd never get back together, but then again, you never know what's rumor, and I guess anything's possible. I wasn't really excited by it, because I was honestly never huge into the band in the first place, and I figured if they came to town it'd be too expensive for me anyway.

As it is, they never hit Chicago on tour, but they did play in Wisconsin. A friend of mine caught their show (for $70, but I think that was the scalped price and tickets from the box office were around $40) and said they were great. But, really, I don't see the point. I understand the band, sure, but I don't understand why a band with such strong political convictions would reunite under the current state of affairs in the United States and be content to sing songs written before 2001. The band is supposed to be all about achieving social and political change through music, but by refusing to write anything about what's going on right now, and instead just trying to apply ideals from songs that were written almost 10 years ago, it seems to me like they've lost site of their goals. Or are just taking money from the huge gigs they've been offered. But maybe that's just me.

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