Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reagan Youth, more follies of reunion, and the throwback delimma

I was talking to a friend a while ago about a really awesome set of videos I found on YouTube of Reagan Youth playing at Thompson Square in 1988. Dave Insurgent looks, sounds, and acts like a young Zach de la Rocha, but on a lot of drugs. The sound quality on the videos is great, and the whole thing is a little odd. I'd never seen videos of them live before, but it's NOT at all what I expected.



Now, after seeing these, I noticed a lot of videos of the recently reformed Reagan Youth from 2006-2007. The first I heard about this was when they got the headlining spot at the East Coast Oi! Fest, which I thought was a little odd since they aren't Oi in the slightest, but I guess it's not too far off since they influenced a ton of Oi bands. I was skeptical, as always, but I heard through the grapevine they were really great. Mind you, no one who said this was of an opinion that mattered to me, but I still hoped for the best.

And now I see the videos. Oh man. The band is good. They're tight. They're old, but they rock it. They're totally giving it their all. But who the fuck is singing? Is that Justin Sane with bleach blond hair? Is that some dude they pulled at random from the Rodent Popsicle roster? Who the fuck is this guy? He's AWFUL. He's got a horrible voice and he acts like he's a rockstar because he happens to be singing in front of what was once Reagan Youth. The guy doesn't even look old enough to have actually been alive in the 80s long enough to really be considered Reagan youth. What a great way to, yet again, ruin a classic band.

It seems like with the post yesterday and the post today, that's all I'm thinking about. The truth is, I am thinking about it a lot. I saw the line-up for Riot Fest this year. Naked Raygun, Bad Brains, Stiff Little Fingers, etcetc. Sure, they're all great, but who cares? Those bands were big way before I was born. How come people can't get into new bands anymore? How come you don't ever see a band playing the top spots on those bills that's less than 10 years old? Are people ever going to get over the fucking 1980s? (or 1970s, or even 60s in some cases?) When will my generation be able to place a foothold in now and build our own ideas, genres, and culture? We're the Throwback Generation. We've got nothing to call our own except for vintage relics of the past we can't even reinterpret. I'm sick to death of looking backwards, how about you?


Anonymous said...

People aren't into the new bands because they suck, well, the majority of them anyway. In the sixties, they took rock and blues and added Acid to it. the seventies, they mellowed out the rock with some ludes and filled arenas. In the eighties, which was nothing but one hit wonders except for Madonna and Michael, it was all about loud, fast rules. Cobain and Staley killed themselves before they could make something out of the nineties. Now in present, who is exactly good enough to headline? honestly, there are more hardcore bands then there are hardcore fans, and that ratio sucks something fierce. Understand now? Good. Now for the time being, either start a band that doesn't suck or just settle for what's out there because that seems to be the only choice you have, and it is pathetic, but what can you do?

Anonymous said...

How does the new singer of RY think he is a rockstar? Did you talk to him or something? And why does someone's hairstyle/dress equal how good of a "match" they are to front RY? That's stupid.