Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sham 69 and the Sonics reunite

Sham 69 is playing Chicago on Septemeber 28th. The news broke yesterday, and everyone seems stoked about it, but I just don't see the point. The last Sham 69 record I heard was The A Files, and the one time I listened to it is still one of the most horrible half hours of my life. I barely remember it because the event was so traumatic that I supressed the memory of what the album actually sounds like, so I'm not sure of the genre classification, but I think "crap" is the section where you can find it at your local record shop. I just don't understand why anyone would get excited about seeing a band that was great 30 years ago, but is now just some old dudes playing stuff that maybe they happened to be a part of back then (I don't know how "original" this line-up, but I'm sure skeptical). That's like something you'd see for free at a casino.

And, in other, even more ridiculous news, the legendary Tacoma, WA punk band the Sonics are reuniting for the Cavestomp Fest in NYC. Again, I love this band. Here Are the Sonics is such a powerful, raw punk record that defies everything that was coming out at the time. It's like they shot the Beatles in the face, put their bodies on stage, and shot electricity through their corpses with instruments in their hands. Their versions on "Money" and "Have Love Will Travel" are more raw than anything coming out now that tries to be "stripped down" or "retro". But that record came out in 1960. I'm content to sit at home and spin the record instead of ruining my opinion of such a classic band by watching old men embarass themselves "for the kids".

Man, I am so jaded today.

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