Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bitter Bois-Self Titled 7" Download

Late 90s Oi from Finland. I seem to remember a lot of people making a big deal out of this band after their appearance on Punks, Skins, and Herberts (I'll probably put those tracks up here sometime). These songs would be great if they were shorter, but they get a little tiresome. "Bastards in Blue", the A side, is a great anti-cop anthem that's everything you'd expect it to be, plus about 45 extra seconds. This record was pressed by a German label called Blind Beggar Records and the original pressing was on white vinyl. Their page for the record states that it's a "double A side record" and both sides should have "Bastards in Blue" on it, but I ripped this 7" myself and so I know for a fact it's a two song record. Weird.

Don't know much else about these guys. They put out one more 7" that I don't have, but that's about it. Any other info?


Download Self Titled 7"


Anonymous said...


this is Sami Bitter, the vocalist of Bitter Bois, came across your site by accident, here's a bit more info.

Bitter Bois recorded also another 7" on the Finnish label Stupido Records and a full-length CD on Blind Beggar Records entitled "Streets Are Burning".

Appeared on compilations Punks, Skins and Herberts Vol. 3 (the cover of that LP in the vein of A Clockwork Orange is a photo of the band, which makes it odd that Bitter Bois is not on the CD version of Vol. 3!) and Stupido's 10th anniversary compilation. Were supposed to appear on others as well and on a split 7" with Bovver 96 but for some reason those never happened.

And this week our music was used in a report on neo-nazi clothing trends (what a topic!) by the Finnish Broadcasting Company. So after all we've gone through we're really gonna make it big and rich when the royalties start coming :)

I think that we never really fully succeeded on our records, and on the gigs we were always too drunk. Yet we had great fun, and drank a massive amount of bitter in the process.

if you want more info, you can e-mail me: bitterbois (at) (although don't expect a quick reply :))

Ian EBH said...

Awesome! I never knew there was a full length, I'm gonna' have to track that down. I'll definately be dropping you line for some more info. I've got some questions! said...

Streets are burning red alert! Skinhead way of life won't die... Pints goes down for the West Helsinki Boot Boys! Aksu, Hermanni, Oba, Reko ja Hernesaho plus Sipowicz Y'all know what this RudeBwoy means.. Red Doc Martens kicks ass! said...

We are Skinheads, fighting for our freedom... Fook it!

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