Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dead Kennedys 1978 Demos Download

I'm not 100% about this. I've got several different "versions" of this, but this has the most tracks (17), all of which appear in the other versions (most of the others that I've found have been 6-9 tracks. There are three versions of "Forward to Death" on this, though, and two sound identical. Everything else seems to be in order, though, so for the sake of digital completion I've included both, against my better judegement (maybe they just nailed it twice?).

I think this may actually be two seperate demos, "Cold Fish" and "Dreadlocks of the Suburbs", put together in one file. Who cares? It's awesome, and there are four songs here you've never even heard of before, so download it!

Download 1978 Demos

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The Racing Rabbit said...

Thanks for posting this!

A DK record I've never heard of before...