Saturday, October 27, 2007

The first Podcast

Ever since I was a little kid (like 8), I wanted to be a DJ. I listened to the Oldies station in the morning ride to school, when the Oldies were pre-1972, and I thought the morning DJs (Burt and Kurt, haha) were the coolest.

And in the age of podcasting, I'm able to do it. This isn't great. It's short, it's not too diverse, and I'm a little timid/boring when I talk, but I am, as the name of the show says, Learning to Crawl (10 punk points if you catch that not-very-punk reference).

Born Against-Half Mast
Anti Nowhere League-I Hate People
Slumlords-Our Own Worst Enemy
Sick Things-Committed to Suicide Australia 1981
Asphalt-What is Held
Droids-A Reminder to All Young Men
Banner of Hope-A Wrench in the Machine

I removed the embeded file because I didn't see a way to stop it from automatically starting.

You can download the file here, or I have a separate feed set-up for the podcast here. You can suscribe and all from there. I'll be integrating the feed with this blog soon, hopefully.


Anonymous said...

learning to crawl? by the pretenders? I always saw chrissie hynde as a real punk rocker.
I think half mast, with its intro is one of the best songs by born again$t.

Ian EBH said...


I heard Chrissie Hynde choked some chick at a Joni Mitchell show recently, which is totally punk!