Thursday, October 18, 2007

Flash Attacks-Revenge of the Fruitflys 7" (Circle F)

Korova played with the Flash Attacks a few years ago at a skatepark in Birmingham. It was a pretty good bill. It was us when we were a three piece (between guitar players, lasted like two shows), Skeptic? with the original line-up, a Nashville band called Public Offence (who went on to do small tours with a bunch of PunkCore Records bands and then break up, which was followed by several very tragic events involving almost every person to have played with the band that I don't feel the need to go into), and the superstar line-up of APA with members of No Holds Barred, Anti Heros, Condemned 84, and the Templars filling in. Flash Attacks were pretty good. I was a little drunk, but I remember them as a four-piece and they had that scumfuck sort of swagger, and I'm positive about the "Bite It You Scum" cover they did that night. I also remember one of the more lasting impressions they made, which was introducing Birmingham to the "chainsaw" hardcore dance move, which is apparently a Jersey mainstay. The demo they were selling on the tour was pretty solid save for the track "Circle F", which is what they decided to name their label after. I was unaware of an LP they put out last year, so this is the first thing I've heard from them since.

The insert lists only three members, so I guess someone got cut. The sound is different then I remember from the demo, it's much less cluttered. The production is clean, but that's far from the only improvement. They rip through four tracks at a moderately fast pace (it's definitely fast but they aren't doing the speedfreak thing) and keep everything together well. They actually show off some really good musicianship. Poison Idea comes to mind as a good comparison, and there's a fucking awesome breakdown on the track "Ripped Apart" that reminds me of early MDC. The sound really sort of drifts around to different parts of the early 80s West Coast scene, which is cool. It's sort of a mix of a lot of stuff I was listening to early on, it's got a little In God We Trust, Inc. here and a little bit of The Blue Album there. They don't do a lot to break out of the "old school" norm, but they do it with a great flair and personality. Definitely one of the better "throwback" style hardcore records I've heard in a while.

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