Friday, October 5, 2007

Positive Reinforcement-S/T (aka Summer Tour) 7" Download

EDIT: Re-updated with scans of the sleeve

I've mentioned this a couple of times on this blog and finally decided to post it. This is one of my top 10 favorite 7"s of all time, and after Googling and it finding ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on it, I figured it was time to step up to the plate (sorry I don't have the cover here, but I don't have a scanner). There were 300 copies pressed, and I don't know how many were sold to distros or what.

This record sounds like they went to a studio to record it and the engineer told them he wanted $80 an hour, and they said "Fuck, we've got $60, what can we do?" and just threw down the tracks live in one take. It's perfect. The quality isn't bad, it's just raw as hell. It's real. Nowadays everything is either overproduced, too slick, or it tries to hard and it sounds like they recorded it on a boombox with one mic in the drummers kitchen while the dishwasher was running. This is intense. And the lyrics are amazing. I'd post all the lyrics, but I was on the phone with my sister the entire time I was ripping the vinyl to computer and I'm kind of drunk so just want to get this over with.

(side a)
1. Skate and Create
2. Hardcore Is a Festering Sea of Bullshit
3. Study Dates
4. The Good Times Are Killing Me
(side b)
5. Makes Sense to Me
6. Lieber's Shitty Song
7. What the Fuck Don't You Understand?
8. All Balls, No Brains

Download Summer Tour 7"

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