Friday, October 26, 2007

Profane Existence

I know I haven't been updating much lately. Not because of a lack of interest, I've just been ridiculously busy and haven't had to time to do much. I just wanted to draw attention to those of you into the whole thrashy hardcore side of things.

It appears that Profane Existence is in some money troubles. I know a lot of you are wondering why you should care since it seems that a lot of the people that read this regularly aren't into their politics (and neither am I), but they're an important label/community for DIY and need to be supported. Profane Existence will help just about any DIY band or label with distribution without asking any questions. They believe in autonomy and building a community outside the "industry" and have taken more steps to make that a reality than any other single entity I can think of. And if you're just in it for the music, think about the fact that Profane Existence is responsible for bringing the majority of the foreign hardcore releases to the US and distroing them here for affordable prices.

They mentioned money troubles when they initially unveiled their Vinyl Retentive Series. The idea was to release a special version of their LPs limited to 150 copies and with a little more expensive prices to raise some money for the label. I'm not happy with the way they did it (only because I can't afford it!) but it's a good idea for the collectors out there who want something a little special. The idea is cool, and I hope there are enough people into it that can afford it (the thing that sucks is that you have to subscribe to it instead of buying the individual releases, so you have to fork out $100 up front for a few records instead of just $15 at a time) to make a difference. The label has also raised the prices in their distro, and 7"s are now around $5 instead of $4.

The point was not to talk about how they've raised prices or come up with strategies. It's to tell you to check out their distro and buy stuff. They have the biggest DIY distro I've ever seen, and I'm sure you could empty your bank account on it if you want to. Whether you agree with their views on politics or not, supporting DIY underground hardcore punk labels is important because it lets the people who try to market to us know that we still fucking hate them. Up da punks!

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