Saturday, October 20, 2007

V/A-The Best of Oi! Records Download

(NOTE: I was drunk when I made this post).

This record was in my 'to-be-posted' pile, but HXCPunksn Skins beat me to it. The Best of Oi Records is a good representation of the late 80s Oi! scene, if a little biased. Roddy Moreno of the Oppressed started the label by putting out ads in all the punk zines that read "Oi! bands wanted, neither red nor racist". The result was a run of 16 records, mostly English material, and some great stuff from the late 80s. Obviously, the best stuff came out of the US bands the label decided to issue. I think that since the US scene remained pretty patriotic, Roddy wrote them off as nationalists (which is retarded). As a result, the US scene wrote anyone leaning left as commies and refused to support the "red" skinhead bands. Further proof that the skinhead scene is full of bullshit drama and I'm allowed to call it out because I'm a skinhead so FUCK YOU if you think I'm just hating on "your" fencewalking scene (I SAID IT!).

The download is available here, enjoy!

This record is out of print but still available. It's doesn't have a lot of cool shit inside, but if you like, you should buy it.

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