Sunday, October 21, 2007

V/A-Hardcore Amerika CD Download

Hardcore Amerkia collects selected tracks from the Eat Me compilation (1983) and I'm Buck Naked (1984), which were volumes #3 and #10 of the Borderless Countries Tapes series. The reissue was put out by Shizophrenic Records and Enterruption.

It seems like a lot of people nowadays think of the American harcore scene in the 80s and think there were only a handful of bands and they were all from LA, NYC, or DC. What was important about the BCT series was that they represented all the little scenes in between. This comp. features bands from Ohio, Wisconsin, Washingtion, New Jersey, and other smaller scenes outside of the Slash/SST/Dischord spectrum. The label was also one of the first to expose foreign hardcore bands to a US audience.

Some tracks are easy to overlook, but there are bands on here that are at least as good as some of the DC stuff. Trenton, NJ's Detention are incredible. The tracks here are live versions that smoke the 7". "Dead Rock n Rollers" (listed on this comp. as "Dead Rocker") appeared on Killed By Death Volume 2. The always superb KBD Records blog posted the original versions here.

This one's out of print, but some distros may still have it. You should pick it up if you come across it. You should know before you download this mammoth beast that it's an epic 57 songs.

Download Hardcore Amerika




FredCore said...

Great post!!!!

I read your blog consistantly and it's always good!!!

I was thinkiing of upping "killed by hardcore" vol 1-3.
Stay tuned!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this. I love american hardcore & I wanted to hear deranged diction for so long. I'm not disappointed. it seems that the great rediscoveries from the 80's will never end. what an era!

Ian EBH said...

Fred: Sounds awesome! I've heard a lot about those records, but never gotten my hands on them.

Thanks! I'm hoping to track down the rest of BCT stuff and post it up sometime, but it'll take some legwork.

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