Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Violent Society/The Boils split 7" Download

This is from 1996 on Schuylkill Records. I don't know anything about Violent Society except what I've learned from the short Wikipedia article about them (which lists this record as having come out in 1998, though it came out in 1996). Apparently they were together for over a decade and toured with some big bands, but this is all I've got by them. I assume they're named after the Special Duties song, who they also happened to do a split with later on. Their tracks are solid examples of late-90s hardcore punk, but nothing compared to the Boils.

The Boils are one of those bands that make me hate punk rock. They've been around for a long time and put out tons of great records, but they still get outsold by all the fucking PunkCore Records or Bridge9 bands or whoever is hot at the moment. They had a couple other splits before this 7" I haven't tracked down, but the maturity of the band so early on is surprising. I'd suggest getting one of their more recent records The Ripping Waters EP. It's one of my favorite punk 7"s of all time. They've always had great lyrics, and this is no exception. The example I'll put out is their first song, "Dependent" (with their disclaimer: "this is not a straight edge song, this is the goddamn, fucking truth!":

Experiment expeditions made you lose all inhibitions
It went as far as anything you could get your hands upon
A blanket of security, windows of oppurtunity
Opened the doors you couldn't open up before
It became a necessity, physically and mentally
But you can't deny it and sat 'it can stop anyday'...

Side A
1. Violent Society-Times of Distraught
2. Violent Society-Another Casualty
3. Violent Society-Decide
Side B
4. The Boils-Dependent
5. The Boils-Paper Dolls
6. The Boils-Gone Dead and Buried (the MP3 cuts off the last half second of this, so it's an awkward outro, sorry, but I didn't want to spend mroe time ripping it again for such a small piece)

Download Violent Society/The Boils Split 7"


ar said...

Hey,Thanx for the post.I already have this but I'll grab it to see how your rip sounds.Violent Society were one of those bands I had on a 7" and thought they sounded pretty good so I picked up their LP "Not Enjoyin' It" quite a few years back.It's an absolute killer release,MUCH better than these tracks on this split you posted. Still play it often and can't recommend the album enough.If interested let me know,I can send you a D/L link..Otherwise, Thanx again


Sorry,my name got cut off on the post above..Cheers

Ian EBH said...

Hell yeah, man. I'd love to hear it!


I,ve got a couple D/L links to make for Winston over at Nuclear Armed Hogs.I'm going to do them tomorrow night.I'll rip a copy and send you a D/L link tomorrow night.I'll put it right here in the comments.I'm East Coast time U.S. so expect it accordingly.If you post a want list on your site you might get some stuff you've been looking for.Just an idea,as I've got a pretty huge arsenal of old (Mainly 80's)stuff....Cheers, A&H



Ian EBH said...

Thanks, man!

Anonymous said...

violent society were one of the great bands from that era! check out "the rise of punk to come" if you can find it on CI records, amazing record. they are back together and playing shows... http://www.myspace.com/violentsocietypunks

ALSO, try and find the early Boils records like "when the sun goes down" on creep records and "world poison". totally agree how they deserved to be huge but lucked out. at a time they were opening shows for rancid!

The Boils said...

hey man! i just stumbled onto your blog...im fuckin flattered someone would take the time to write their thoughts on some of our stuff, especially what you said about the lyrics...it was really touching for me to read that. i just wanted to say that, and also....in that blog, you mentioned something about a couple splits you were missing from us, from earlier or something? get in touch with me if youre interested, because i may have some extra copies that i can let go for someone whos helping to keep people talking about punk rock with your blog. plus, you showed us mad love, dude...so we can show some love back,,,,, hit me at combat80boiL@aol.com or on our myspace page, whatevers easier

Steve said...

I have been looking for this DL for a long time, but I just learned that the DL link is dead. Can you please post a new link? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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