Sunday, November 25, 2007

Circle Takes the Square-As the Roots Undo

This album came out in 2004 on Robotic Empire (CD) and Hyperrealist (vinyl). Where to even begin explaining how great this record is without just playing it for someone is almost impossible.

The band manages to balance slow, melodic parts with some of the fastest, heaviest, hardcore I've ever heard (and that's saying a lot). Comparisons to legions of the better late 90s screamo bands (and no, I'm not talking about Silverstein) would be too easy. They break out of the stigma behind any of the subcultural genres to create a unique concept album that could only ever be attributed to them. Yes, there are obvious nods to their influences on here (the last riff of "Crowquill" is ripped right off His Hero Is Gone, and "Interview at the Ruins" is easily comparable to Holywood era Manson with much more punk and metal aesthetic to balance it out).

This record is, at the end, a well orchestrated concept album about trying to force self-realization, and the futility of looking for answers. I think someone has to have been through a naive search for the meaning of things to understand where they're going with this. The record doesn't paint a bleak outlook on life, but instead just shows the confusion found in trying to understand things you probably never will, and in that, they manage to revel in the the pity party of that most of the bands trying to achieve this style ten years ago were throwing for themselves.

Of course, it's a little pretentious, and it's hard to write about without sounding pretentious, but who cares? It's one of those records you can lose yourself in for a little while, and those albums are hard to come by in hardcore nowadays.

Free track: Non Objective Portrait of Karma

The CD can be ordered directly from Robotic Empire. The vinyl is currently out of print, but there is supposed to be a repress early next year.

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