Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Coliseum-No Salvation LP (Relapse, Auxiliary)

Coliseum put out some the most intense, balls out, supercharged rock n roll records right now. What sucks about this is that the punk crowd who would probably go nuts over this will probably ignore it because it came out on Relapse Records, a bigger metal label.

The record starts out with “No Benefit”, a no-holds-barred ripping punk song that mixes all the great things of 80s hardcore punk with a darker feel of the modern gloomy hardcore sound. The album doesn’t let up from there. The great thing about this record, and this band, is that there are so many references you could make to other bands to compare their sound, but they don’t really sound like anyone except themselves. You can’t mistake Ryan Patterson’s throaty yell for anyone else’s. You can’t match their guitar sound or rhythm changes with anyone else playing right now. This is a band that should be huge right now because they’re unique, but they’re still accessible.

Solid fucking classic.

This record is on Relapse (as I mentioned before), but the vinyl version is on Auxiliary, which I'm pretty sure is the band's own label. It comes on sweet looking silver and white splatter vinyl.

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