Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The degression of Henry Rollins

From the anti-punk era of Black Flag:

From 1995. Not as funny as the earlier last one, it's pretty typical 90s Rollins. He's really unhappy and introspective:

Interview with Ozzy from his show that I'm probably better off for not ever seeing.

I'm not talking shit, I'm just saying. Maybe I'll have a talk show when I'm his age.


wess said...

His show varies in quality from guest to guest. The one with Billy Bragg was well worth watching. The episode with Peaches wasn't bad either, even though I don't really like her music. Predictably, the ones with guests such as Marylin Manson aren't too interesting.

Ian EBH said...

I've always halfway enjoyed Marilyn Manson interviews when he's not just playing a character. I'm gonna' look that up.

Nazz Nomad said...

just read a couple of his books (the rollins reader and the first five years). henry just needs a hug!

ps- great site, added you to my blogroll.