Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gein and the Graverobbers-The Passion of the Antichrist CD (Necro-Tone)

I've always thought the whole neo-surf thing was cool. Man...Or Astroman? have always been the best in my book (of course, they're from Alabama, I'm biased), as they put out top-notch records and were always great live (are their records even in print anymore? I've got to post some of their stuff sometime). However, the genre has it's shortcomings.

The first time I ever heard Gein and the Graverobbers was probably 3 or 4 years ago, right about the same time I heard the Ghastly Ones (who are the same thing but marginally better). They both play surf rock that is really sort of a take on what the Ventures would do with the Munsters theme. The Ghastly Ones put out a record called A-Haunting We Will Go that's a really cool, goofy surf record, and Gein and the Graverobbers had Songs in the Key of Evil. Both albums were great, but I assumed they were one-offs, like the bands would move on and explore new territory. But, it seems they haven't. Both bands are still doing the same thing.

It's sort of odd because I like this CD a lot, but at the same time, I'd like to hear them take it somewhere else. Man...Or Astroman? put out records you could tell apart, and I wish bands doing this stuff now would do that, too. Oh well.

Tracks w/a couple of downloads:
The Hungry Grave
The Phantom of Route 44
Black Sunday
Of Gods and Monsters
Brackish Soul
Nine Day Fall
The Creeping Unknown
House of Skulls
Into the Abbey of Thelema

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brandonio said...

i concure this band sucks as far I concerned to damn sloppy. Man Or Astroman?Rule best damn band EVER!!!!!!!!!