Friday, November 9, 2007

Going Through the Motions Podcast #2

I fixed the download link.

Here's the second podcast. I think it's lightyears ahead of my first one, which was really just me teaching myself how to use this stuff, but it's not amazing. Feedback is appreciated.

Los Peligrosos-Rock a la Billy Pulque
HeWhoCorrupts-Master of Profits
Caras De Hombre-Brutalidad Policia
Skeptic?-Against the Wall
Decry-Suburban Death Camp
Slapenhonden-Stay Off
Laranja Freak-Fluidos
Autistic Youth-Victim
Celibate Rifles-24 Hours
Tuppjukk-Jag Vill Ma Bra
Antikeho-Peace and Love
Wipers-Does it Hurt
Raised By Wolves-Burn it All Down

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