Sunday, November 11, 2007

His Hero is Gone Fool's Gold 7" Download

What surprises me about His Hero Is Gone is how they've never managed to spread outside of the world of record collecting nerds and a few people who were around to see them in the 90s. They released consistently great records, did several big tours, and have influenced a ton of bands indirectly. Even just looking at the bands members of HHIG went on to be after the break-up points to how big their influence on hardcore punk has been (Tragedy, Deathreat, Severed Head of State and From Ashes Rise to name a few), and yet, for the most part, I rarely hear much about them.

This record was recorded with the original line-up. To me, the first album with the second guitarist, Monuments to Thieves, is their essential record, though everything they did was pretty much spot on. The version I ripped this from is the Coalition Records version, which was distroed in Europe. The 7" is way out of print and I don't even know what it would sell for, but the tracks are available on a CD with other rare songs called The Plot Sickens (link to the CD on Interpunk), on Great American Steak Religion (now called Feral Ward) Records.

Download Fool's Gold


Anonymous said...

in fact these songs are from a split LP with the canadian band uranus from 1998. "raise the curtain" is a jerry's kids song.
I don't own the original LP but I found a 7" bootleg of the HHIG side where there's 6 songs, yours plus "fool's gold". on the insert of my record, there's this explanation about the title "fool's gold" :
"On occasion, the natives took revenge on the brutal conquistadores. One method of punishment was to pour molten gold down the throats of the greedy europeans."

Anonymous said...

The 7" is not a bootleg, the band put it out a few years after the record came out on Coalition.

If it is the same 7" we're talking about, mine has a black and red silkscreened cover with the same explanation txt ... Only 500 pressed to my knowledge.

But they also said that about their split with Uranus (1500 pressed prolly).

Anonymous said...

it's the same 7". I didn't know it was on Coalition though I bought it from them.
great cover, great label and great band.

Anonymous said...

beware anything that's hand numbered and has to do with those dudes. i've heard tell that they numbered records kind of willy nilly. i learned this was when i was selling my uranus/hhig split back to extreme noise here in mpls. record collecting is pretty dorky anyway, but i had stumbled upon that thing and thought it was kind of the ace up my sleeve in case i ever needed some quick cash. oh well. it's a fucking great record.