Monday, December 10, 2007

Dead Low Tide-Self Titled LP Download

I didn't start this blog as an MP3 blog. I actually started it just to write about music. I always enjoyed discussing music and figured that if I had an outlet that people might go out of their way to go read, it would keep me from talking about it all the time in my real life. It has worked to an extent, but for some reason, I got hooked on sharing so much great music with people, I'd forgotten all about how good it felt to just share my opinion about it. I just felt like I should let you know.

Dead Low Tide was the band that 3/5 of the Murder City Devils started after they broke up (inluding vocalist Spencer Moody). I don't like it as near as much as I do the Devils, and to be quite honest, if Moody wasn't involved, I don't think I'd be interested in it at all. The Murder City Devils were a near-perfect band, and 90% of their greatness came from Moody's vocals.

There are a couple of moments of greatness here. It's easy to see how the sound here is a progression on the last Devils record (Thelema), sans keyboards and the rock n roll edge. The songs are all basically written in extended metaphors that expand on Spencer Moody's love with the romantic life of the sailor. He never reaches the pure poetic bliss of the songs in the Devil's catalog on the subject like "18 Wheels" or the epic "Bear Away", from the Thelema record. The album is worth a listen, but it's a gamble for some.

Download Dead Low Tide


wess said...

The Eagle Has Landed demo they put out before this really got me excited about this band, but when I heard this I was a little disappointed. The demo is much rawer and has a great deal more backbone behind it. Most of it's grit didn't transfer to the LP.

Ian EBH said...

I never heard that. I've read a couple of interviews with them and they never mentioned that demo, but I'd like to hear it. Have you got a copy of it?

Also, did you get to see the Murder City Devils set at the Fest?

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to this for the first time and it sounds good. it reminds me the noise scene of the 90's.
yes, it sounds really good!
I started listening to the Murder City Devils because of Coady Willis. I saw him when his new band Big Business played with the Melvins last year in Paris. he played drums with both bands and he was incredible, I spent two hours looking at him, a little thin drummer, he looked like Taz, the tasmanian devil.

by the way, thanks for your 60's posts. I hope there'll be more in the future. it was funny to see France Gall here, I like the song you posted but you have to know that in france she's a mainstream (really awfull mainstream) singer for more than 30 years. but this song is great, and no matter the decade, your taste is good!

Ian EBH said...

I was hopinh you'd comment about Grance Gall! Everything I've read says that she's mainstream in France, but I didn't know to what extent.

It kind of reminds me of X Japan. In the US that band is considered underground metal and lots of punk and metalheads listen to them, but in Japan they're all over the place and were total rock stars.

wess said...

I was able to download a copy of it off soulseek. It's actually called The Eagle is Landing. Are you talking about Fun Fun Fun Fest? Because I wasn't able to make it to that.

br0q said...

saw these guys a ton the last time i lived in portland. fucking solid group.

ever get into the whip?


Ian EBH said...

I remember hearing people talk about The Whip, but don't ever remember it being something that would strike my fancy, so I never checked it out. Is it in the same family of bands?

el feder said...

could you repost this?
great blog!