Friday, December 7, 2007

Hudson Falcons/Virus Nine split 7" (City Rat)

The Hudson Falcons have always put out good releases, but it always seemed to me that the band was always more about the live show and any recordings were just a little something to take home from that, or as promotion to get you to go see them (instead of the other way around). There's just something about the spot-and-ady of the band that will never, ever be captured on CD.

With that out of the way, the first Hudson Falcons' song on this 7" is pretty typical of the band. Positive lyrics about rock n roll with a rock n roll backbeat to carry it along. It makes you want to drink a lot and dance around with your friends. It won't change your life, but it'll make it a lot more fun, and that always seemed like the goal for bands like this. Their second contribution is a very, very styleised cover of Billy Bragg's "Power In the Union". It was always one of my least favorite Bragg songs because it always seemed a little uninspired to me, but their version adds a little "umph!" to the track.

I'd never actually heard Virus Nine before this record. I'd judged them because they put out a record on A-F Records, and, as a rule, A-F Records bands fucking suck. Surprisingly, the two songs they put on this slab of wax (both demos for an earlier LP) are way better than I expected. It's a little darker than most "streetpunk" stuff coming out of the US right, and much better put together, and "Urban Light" starts off with a nice shuffled beat before going into a pretty straightforward streetpunk sound. That actually kind of remind me of Kraut.

This is limited to 1,200 hand numbered copies. 500 are on blue.

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