Friday, December 28, 2007

The Last-She Don't Know Why I'm Here 7" Download

Here's a rare case where I'm nearly at a total loss for words as far as what to say about this record. The Last were an LA band who were a part of the whole punk thing back in the late 70s, but were more influenced by the Beach Boys and the Beatles than the Sex Pistols and the Ramones. Their LP, LA Explosion is a great melodic record, that features much less exciting versions of both of these songs. They could really nail some harmonies that were pretty atypical in early punk.

The version of "She Don't Know Why I'm Here" on this 7" is spectacular. One of the true gems that proves why the late 70s in LA are extremely under-rated in mainstream rock press. I always assumed it was recorded live, but the sleeve, as you can see, doesn't give any indication how it was actually done, but does credit a producer. The B side is also great, but not nearly as good.

She Don't Know Why I'm Here
Bombing of London


Anonymous said...

L.A. explosion! is a masterpiece. I bought it because of the artwork, and the fact that it was on bomp!, but didn't expected too much as I had never heard of The Last and I tought that every good band from this era was now famous.
but when I played the first song, I understood it was an incredible record.
another proof that the LA scene is underrated: Legs McNeil's Please Kill Me was translated in french and celebrated by every magazine here, but the great "We Got The Neutron Bomb" by brendan mullen stay unknown to the french rock critics.
P.S.: I think Angst is another underestimated great band.

Silent 3 said...

Agreed that the single is better than the album versions. Thanks for this blast from the past. Now if i could only find Doll By Doll's Palace of Love...

Anonymous said...

If interested you can read a detailed recollection of the recording history of the "SDKWIH" single by keyboardist/producer Vitus Matare and songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Joe Nolte on the forum of THE LAST's website. The thread is here :