Thursday, December 20, 2007

Podcast 12/20/07-All American Oi!

I decided to put together an Oi! podcast a couple weeks ago. After pulling a bunch of records for the playlist, I realized 90% of it was American, so I just decided to go with an all American theme. American Oi! bands have always gotten a bad rep, even though most of them, in my opinion, blow away their British counterparts. Sure, there have been tons of horrible US Oi! bands, but there have also been tons of great ones.

There are obvious omissions here. I wasn't thinking about putting together something to educate anyone on the American Oi! scene, I was just putting together some stuff I liked and thought flowed well. The glaring absenses from bands like the Effigies and Iron Cross will be put into a future episode furthering the theme.

I enjoyed sitting down and throwing back a few beers while putting this together. You can hear me getting progressively more buzzed as the show goes on, until I start speaking in questions(?) like a girl from the valley(?). Is that really how I talk when I'm drinking? Someone should have told me sooner so I would've shut up. There is one correction I need to make. In the show, I mention that 86 Mentality borke up earlier this year, and apparantly that is a rumor and they're still together. Also, I might sound like I'm trying to "call out" Sons of Liberty about being racists, which I wasn't. The B side of the single from this Podcast is a cover of "Up on the Roof". I don't see how a band could be racist and cover that. I was just kinda' drunk and it came out wrong. And, thanks to Fred for hooking me up with the Lion's Pride demo their track on here comes from. Anyway, here you are.

Wretched Ones-Dead Man Working
Maddog Surrender-My Youth
Uprise-Around the World

The Trouble-Grasping at Straws
Fear City-One More Day
Adolf and the Piss Artists-Terminators

Lion's Pride-Terrorism
Barons-Bottom of My Glass
Stars and Stripes-American Oi!
86 Mentality-Fall In Line

Templars-Dawn's Early Light
Dropkick Murphy's-Never Alone
Slag-Blood on the Streets

US Chaos-Eye for an Eye
Sons of Liberty-Justice Denied

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FredCore said...

You're welcome for the Lion's Pride Demo! Anytime!

FredCore said...

I've finally heard the other Lion's Pride band and the "we've got to fight the NED FLANDERS" song and I almost pissed myself!!!!