Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sideburns-All Skinhead Cons 7" Download

The Sideburns were Osaka's ruling Oi! superstars in the 90s. They had at least one other release, an LP called Golden Hits that's at least as good as this, if you ever track it down, let me know, I want a copy. I believe they also had an earlier 7".

The record isn't really straightforward Oi! (by American or British Oi! standards). It's bit more melodic, and the B side is a pretty dark song about...well, I don't really know what it's about (also, sorry about all the surface noise at the beginning of that track, there's a really long fade-in on the record). I think I should just share the lyrics inside:

"We can have a lot of thought
We can have any fun
But there need to stop
Mad chess play the fasten ghost"

Are they on drugs or does this just not translate too well into English?

Get Away
Mad Chess Play the Fasten Ghost


Boil! the Pit! said...

Great description )) Made me smile.

Unfortunately, links are dead.

JJ said...


If you're still looking for the "Golden Hits" album, which came out in 1997, then check out this site:-

There's another link (in that same post) for the "Burn 'Em All" EP, which was released in 2000, just by way of a little bonus for your efforts !!

The earlier recording you mentioned here was the "Never Give In" EP which they put out in 1993. If you're interested in hearing that, it's been posted (together with the album) here:-

Incidentally, you may also want to fix your own links, as they're no longer working. Having said that, both tracks on the "All Skinhead Cons" single can be found on the "Golden Hits" album anyway.

Do you have any more Helen Of Oi! stuff ?

If so, it'd be great if you could post 'em.

Many thanks, in advance, if you do.

All the best,