Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Skate Korpse-Down 7" Download

I know I've mentioned how great I think Skate Korpse was and how much the original 7"s sell for on eBay even though they're only a couple of years old. Luckily, the Discography LP is still in print for now, so you won't have fork over almost $100 to get them.

I think Down is the best of the three 7"s they put out. The record says that it's limited to 200 copies (and pressing info says that there were 100 on pink, implying 100 on black), but I have been told on good authority that the label intentionally lied about that to make it more "collectible", and there were actually 300 pressed total (100 on pink and 200 on black). I don't know if that information is wrong or the result of rumours being twisted (anyone who knows, please chime in).

POST EDIT: In my most retarded move yet, I typed this entry without even consulting the liner notes of the Discography LP. I was contaced by a member of the band who pointed out that the pressing info. for the singles is listed on the insert of the LP, and clearly states that the pink version of this was a second pressing, limited to 100 copies.

More Brainless
Front Page White Out
The Valley

There's a ten second outro after "The Valley" that I left out.

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