Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cut the Shit-Bored to Death 7" Download

This is one of my favorite hardcore punk records of all time. Probably in the top 20. Live, this band was ferocious. I saw them with their brother band, the Rites (who I think shared three of four members with them at the time, the Rites are still together) and both bands played absolutely pummeling sets of faster-than-you-can-fucking-blink-core (yes, they warrant their own genre classification!). I remember Cut the Shit set up, introduced themselves as "Cut the Shit from Boston!" and then about 15 minutes later the same guys switched instruments and said "We're the Rites from Jersey!"

The singer in this band was the original singer in Bones Brigade (I HAD POSTED THEIR FIRST 7" AND NOW I CAN'T FIND THE FUCKING POST!!!!). Like Bones Brigade, this first 7" is great, but it doesn't even come close to matching the LP they put out after this, which is essential, and still in print on the always great Gloom Records. I know there was also a one-side 7" that I don't have, and possibly one more record before they broke up. I'm not doing any research for this so it's off the top of my head and it may be wrong. Anyone who has the other 7" and wants to, you know, give me a copy, I'm ready and willing.

It's just two files, Side A and Side B. If you think I'm just being lazy, listen to the files and you'll understand why. It's impossible to split it up. All their stuff was recorded like that, all the songs running together. Looking at the vinyl itself, you'd think it was a single because it's cut as just two songs with no gaps between tracks. Records cut like this are cool, but sort of annoying if you're trying to put it on a mixtape. When I was in highschool, I always had creative spinning sessions of thrash trying to string all these songs together that are all sandwiched between other songs on their original records.

I Do It To Myself
Burn the Dance Clubs
The Party's Over
Bored to Death
Take Back Your Life

Get Rowdy
Life of Misery
At What Compromise
Crooked Teeth
I Hate Fashion

Download Bored to Death


Anonymous said...

wish the link worked. This 7" rules!


Anonymous said...

hey..can u upload it again?
the link doesnt work and idd love to have this

thanks..keep up the work

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