Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fallas Del Sistema-La Guerra Es El Negocio De La Muerte (Akracia) review

I'd never heard of these guys before this 7" came in the mail, but apparently they've been around over 12 years. They're from Mexico, and thinking on it, I really don't know anything about Mexican or any other South or Central American bands except what gets released on Six Weeks or 625, and I really don't hear much about bands from South of the US border. Apparently the Mexican post offices are really bad, so there's a low amount of trading with Mexican labels, which is why this stuff is so obscure in the US.

Anyway, onto the record. The A side is a pro-Zapatista anthem called "Himno Zapatista". There's a really huge influence from British Oi! on it, think a little Cock Sparrer with the more anthemic Business edge. It's super melodic with a lot of gang vocals. It's actually a good song, the melody is catchy and the chorus is a great sing along (if you know Spanish), but it's a little long and gets sort of tiring.

The B side is totally different. They switch into a thrashy 80s hardcore style with gruff vocals and even a breakdown. There's a definite Discharge influence, but they're not going metal like a lot of the current "d-beat" bands. It's pretty solid stuff, all in all.

Fallas Del Sistema Official Site (in Spanish)
And this thing is even on Interpunk.

No free track because it's only three songs and will probably wind up on a Podcast soon.


The Needle Drop said...

I'm really excited to hear about this pro-Zapatista 7''! When will the podcast be up?

Ian EBH said...

Every other Friday, so the next one will be on the 18th!

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