Sunday, January 6, 2008

Man...Or Astroman?-Inside the Head of Mr. Atom! 7" Download

Last night I was out at what was supposed to be the Southside's "Soul Night", but is really just a bunch of skinheads and mods spinning/listening to good tunes, almost none of which is actually Soul. The DJs are collectively the FCS Soundsystem, which was two DJs, but it seems now they've added a third. I cut out at midnight (I've found I rather enjoy being responsible and leaving before drinking too much to safely drive), so I missed the last two hours of music, but I heard some great stuff while I was there. But, anyway...

There are a couple of records I've promised people out in "the real world" that I'd post here, and this is one of them. More are to follow.

Man...Or Astroman? were considered a Birmingham band, but they were actually based out of a nearby college town called Auburn (home of the world famous Auburn Tigers!). They were great live, and their reunion set a little over a year ago was bittersweet; the show was great, but it was sad it just a one-off gig (as much as I harp on drawn out reunions, this one should have gone on forever). All of their recorded material is superb, and this 7" is pretty much a random example of how awesome they were rather than one of their more "classic" releases. It was produced by Steve Albini and released by Estrus Records in 1995, "dedicated to the vital power of the band Bolt Thrower" (who I know nothing about, I should get on that).

Download Inside the Head of Mr. Atom!


The Needle Drop said...

I bought this 45 a while ago on a whim, and I've been in love with it ever since.

Your post has reminded me that I definitely need to expand my Man...or Astroman? collection!

I'm going to put a link to your blog on mine if you don't mind.

Good post.

Ian EBH said...

Everyone should expand their MOAM catalog. Most of the 7"s are out of print, but still relatively cheap and easy to find.

I'm adding you to my blogroll, as well.

Anonymous said...

got one of their albums recently (weight ion the moon ) and was immediatly hooked . by the way bolt thrower is an english death metal band , can´t imagine what these two have in common , but you never know .....