Saturday, January 5, 2008

Podcast 1/5/08

First Podcast of the year!

The end of the Podcast gets all fucked up. I've been having problems with the spoken parts skipping towards the end (a combination of not enough RAM/the compression cutting things out), but this is the worst. It's also the longest one I've done, so I'll just cut them off at half an hour in the future.

His Hero Is Gone-Like Weeds
Kings of Nuthin'-Fight Songs for Fuck Ups

Falling Sickness-Man of the Moment
The Screamers-Government Love Affair (Don't be a Whore)
Toxic Reasons-War Hero
The Solution-Skinhead Times

False Prophets-Taxidermist
Kakistocracy-Bled Dry
Nictyna-A Bailar Flota
The Panik-Modern Politics

Lost World-There Could Be More
Accelerators-Teenage Zombie
Dick Glasser-Catty Town

Koro-Hello, Mom and Dad
Circle Takes the Square-Non Objective Portrait of Karma

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good spam said...

get the goo from the hand

br0q said...

good show yet again ian! so many good picks on this playlist, RE: toxic reasons: get "kill by remote control". that record fucking kills.

heard a band called squalora awhile back that you'd totally dig. reminded me of his hero is gone a ton. perhaps it was no coincidence that they play with tragedy alot..

Ian EBH said...

Thanks for the compliment!

I've seen that Toxic Reasons record and I think I've actually heard it in passing, but I've never been to sit down and take it in. I'll have to check it out. I've never heard of Squalora, are they a Portland band? I've got to check that out as well.