Monday, January 28, 2008

Regulations-Different Needs 7" (Havoc)

A couple downloads in the works and another Podcast at the end of the week, but I've got to catch up on reviews I've fallen behind on again.

The Regulations have been making a name for themselves world-wide by sort of fitting in with the whole throwback hardcore crowd, but never sacrificing good song writing for the sake of speed or politics, which is a pretty refreshing thing in the scene nowadays. The Different Needs EP is special because it's so unashamedly punk, like the stuff I got into when I was a little kid and couldn't get enough of, before I moved onto more heavier, obscure stuff. You could play this for those snobs with metal all over their jackets who think punk died in '82 and refuse to go anywhere near a real punk gig, and they would talk about it like they got it, if you catch my drift.

The press release, sadly, mentions both the Germs and Black Flag, in that order. That's sad because those are exactly the bands I was going to compare this to, in that order. The first song opens with the line "Self destruction thru inner peace" in a snotty, inarticulate mess that is one of the best (serious) Darby Crash impressions I've ever heard. The other three songs keep sort of the same vocal style, but the music mostly turns into total Morris-era Black Flag worship, before they got insanely fast and/or wicked heavy.

Full lyrics and some band pics on the insert.

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The Needle Drop said...

Great review. Don't worry about getting beaten to the punch on the comparisons, though.