Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tierra De Nadie-Sordos A La Tierra 7" (Mundo En Kaos) review

I'm still working on a pile of records to review. I got the flu (who the fuck saw THAT coming), which has been awesome. Yes, awesome.

Tierra De Nadie are from Pleasant Prairie, WI, but I would have assumed they were from Mexico since this record came to me via a Mexican label and all the lyrics are in Spanish (English translations are included in the insert). They play a bottomed out style of punk that has a pretty distinct doom/sludge influence. I keep wanting to turn it to 45 RPM. I actually like stuff like this because it makes me a little uncomfortable, which any good punk record should do. It sort of reminds me of His Hero Is Gone.

The lyrics are pretty typical of the genre (anti war, anti commercialization, anti deforestation, etc), which makes me wonder, are any crust bands "pro" anything? I mean...instead of writing an anti deforestation song, couldn't they just as easily write a pro conservation song? This isn't a bone I'm picking with this particular record, I just don't understand why sometimes this genre tries so hard to be overbearing and negative. Posicore is a fucking joke, but maybe Civ had a point, you know?

I actually like this record, despite that rant. Check this out if you're into Prank Records bands (a la DEATHREAT!).

Tierra De Nadie on MySpace

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