Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Trouble/30 Seconds to Tokyo-A Day in the Suburbs Download

If you've never heard of the Trouble, you might have heard of some the bands members went on to be in, the Panic and the Explosion. You should know that their Nobody Laughs Anymore LP is one of my favorite 90s punk records (which I mentioned on the Oi! Podcast).

While their recorded output is pretty limited, I still don't have all of it. The full length was originally released on GMM as a CD only release and was out-of-print for years until Bridge9 reissued it a couple of years ago (Painkiller Records licensed the vinyl version). There were two 7"s that came out before the LP, which are this split with 30 Seconds to Tokyo and another GMM release called Crime and Punishment that I don't have. There was also a 7" called Live At the Rat, which was released as a limited run of 500 for people who bought the reissue from Bridge9. I think they still have some, but I can't bring myself to pay for a CD I already own just for that record, even though I want it. There was one song on a four way split called East Meets West (w/Blood for Blood, Pressure Point, and Pistol Grip), that I own, but just realized I can't find (which is the latest in a growing stack of records I realized I'm missing and is really unnerving and I need to find them which is why I'm cutting this post short)

Download A Day in the Suburbs

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