Sunday, February 3, 2008

Coaccion-Cenizas 7" (Morbid Reality) review

These guys are from Tijuana and spew out five tracks of vaguely familier (but still good) d-beat style hardcore punk on this 7". The band is fast, tight, and just heavy enough to keep up with the times, these guys probably fare well in the current "crust" circles in the US right now (and apparantly already have quite a following in LA). There's a heavy European influence on this record, a lot of it reminds me of the heavier Scandavian hardcore coming out now, and they seem to do a better job of copying it than most US bands. Pieces of it remind me of Wolfbrigade, and other parts (for a reference more close to home) remind me of Witch Hunt a little.

Pretty limited artwork on this, with full lyrics and what looks like a pretty hefty "thank you" list, but all in Spanish, so it does me no good. It came out on Morbid Reality Records, and I have no link for them, nor do I know where to send you to buy this. So go check out the band's MySpace and see if they can get you copy.

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